Labas solutions will 

function to

Elevate the quality of

vehicle repair standard

in SaudiArabia

Reduce traffic

accident concerns and


Simplify & develop claim

settlement procedures

to be reliable & fair for

all parties

Help providing a reliable Motor Insurance claim

solutions for millions of vehicles across


We register, process and complete motor claims,

for administering the relationships between

insurance companies and service vendors and

claimants, to utilize performance and optimize

all procedures involved with fair and

standardized solutions.

Labas Services

Claim Submission & processing

Through Labas platform,
you can initiate and track your
claim processing status, with
digital re-upload of all claims’
documents if needed.

Minor & Major Accident Services

Labas offers you integrated
solutions including towing
from accident scene,
damage assessment, spare
parts procurement and car
replacement if need.

Full visibility on repair processes

Real time tracking during
all stages of the repairs,
where we apply manufacturers’
standards in body & paint
and unified service levels.

Full visibility on repair processes

24/7 vehicle breakdown services
available across the region, with a record response time.

Easy Access Services

One-click online claim
submission and tracking

Accredited Service Vendors

Throughout all services,
Labas collaborates with the best
vehicle workshops, spare parts and
assessment providers.

Around the Clock

Online road services available
whenever & wherever
you are.

From Accident Location To Your doorstep

Let Everything in Between on Labas!

We Provide All Services for Motor Claim
Administration, and More!

If you had a traffic accident, Labas will:

Drive you back to your home
Tow your vehicle to the nearest certified workshop
Process all the necessary regarding your claim
– Undergo all procedures to fix your vehicle and get it
safely back on roads